Symbio door hinges are concealed and remain flush with the wall mount, and are easy to adjust on their 3 axes, allowing for aesthetically perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. Doors can be adjusted vertically, transversely and in depth on both the door and frame side of the hinge. Symbio allows for adjustments of up to 4mm horizontal, up to 3mm height and up to 3mm depth. To adjust these axes simply turn the allen key in the appropriate tappet or bushings.

Symbio hinges disappear between door and frame and their adjustment mechanism is hidden by a special hinge cover. They are made to last, with no need for maintenance. Their special self-lubricating components ensure the long term efficiency and duration of the joint mechanism and the smooth movement of the door. The external protective covers make the hinges suitable even for thin doors and frames. The smallest model in the series is designed for special interior furnishing solutions as it can be mounted on doors with a thickness of only 28mm. Symbio hinges provide the widest choice of door to frame distance on the market, and always allow a door to open 180 degrees, even with thick frames or sashes.