Every connection job is different. The use of longer Sherpa system screws with Sherpa connectors can increase performance while reducing costs. In certain situations the use of longer screws can allow for a smaller connector to be used. This means more geometric options and cost savings.

This applies to the following connector series:

M series

Standard screw length: 6.5 x 65 mm
Alternatives: 6.5 x 85 and 6.5 x 105 mm

L series

Standard screw length: 8.0 x 100 mm
Alternatives: 8.0 x 120 and 8.0 x 140 mm

XL/XXL series

Standard screw length: 8.0 x 160 mm
Alternatives: 8.0 x 180 and 8.0 x 200 mm

The loading characteristics tables can be seen below and can also be accessed via the Sherpa Design Guide.

Further information is available in the Sherpa System Screws Power Card.

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