Siegenia TITAN hardware

Innovative European solutions for door and window systems

Advanced hardware systems that delivers comfort for your customers and more efficiency for your production.  TITAN hardware from Siegenia is a european style modular system for advanced door and window fabrication. In partnership with Siegware, TITAN hardware opens up opportunities to save time and cut costs in the production processes. 


uPVC door and window profile sytems off high levels of thermal insulation, increased durability and easy maintenance. Paired with Siegenia TITAN hardware Siegware can offer world leading support for your fabrication needs.  

 Benefits of TITAN with uPVC 

  • Fits common uPVC profile systems such as Aluplast, Kommerling, Rehau and Deceuninck. 
  • High quality materials, efficient production and high functionality for uPVC fabrication environments
  • Adaptable integration for exsting production processes
  • Reduced integration time to increase efficiency and profitability

TITAN for Timber

Benefits of TITAN with Timber

  • Suits a wide variety of timber profiles
  • Surface mount and recessed soltuons available
  • High quality materials, efficient production and high functionality
  • Adaptable integration for exsting prodution processes
  • Reduced integration time to increase efficiency and profitability

Easy to couple

The special TITAN click on coupling system makes for extremely efficient coupling that is not affected by tolerances. 

If needed linkages and extensions can be installed on the bottom and hinge side on pre welded profile. When installing simply slide underneath the corner drive. The fine 1.5mm tooth pitch and large coupling bevels guarantees a reliable and precise joint with minimal play. 


High level of pre-assembly

The high level of pre-assembly in all TITAN components saves production installation time, reduces the number of components required for fabrication. 



TITAN comfort mushroom cam 


Featuring automatic height adjustment, the TITAN comfort cam (KoPiBo) ensures continuous and fully automatic compensation of production tolerances and guarantees windows that are always optimally adjusted. 



Available now at Siegware

Are you a door and window fabricator? Get in touch with Siegware now to discuss how Siegenia TITAN hardware can help your business today. 

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