Sherpa Connection Systems

Leading technology in standardised wood connector systems

Benefits of standardised connection systems. 

  • Safety through an approved system
  • Multifunctional in strength and use
  • Standardised and simple evalation
  • A high degree of pre-fabrication
  • Quick assembly

Sherpa Partner Portal

The Sherpa partner portal is a one stop shop for all technical and quotation needs. 

  • Techncial data (kN ratings, bill of materials)
  • Geometric data (CAD, Technical Drawings)
  • Submit requests for quotation and offers

Sherpa Calculation Tool

The Sherpa calculation tool allows for quick and easy and detailed reporting on connections. 

  • Allows input of beam dimensions and force loadings
  • Provides detailed PDF report including calculations for auditing
  • Free to register and easy to use

Sherpa Timber Series Connectors

For connections in timber engineering such as roof, wall and beam consructions. 

Sherpa timber connectors come in 6 standard widthts:

  • XS = 30mm width
  • S = 40mm width
  • M = 60mm width
  • L = 80mm width
  • XL = 120mm width
  • XXL = 140mm width


Sherpa CLT Connector

The Sherpa CLT connector is a all rounder connector for CLT applications. 

Connection applications include:

  • Angle joints
  • T-joints
  • Longitudinal joints
  • Wall to ceiling connection
  • Ceiling joints

Optimised for 3 and 5 layer cross laminated timber elements.

The Sherpa CLT Connector is milled flush into the CLT or Glulam for an unobtrusive finish. Sherpa Special Screws must be used to guarentee load capacity.

Sherpa Sonus Connector

A truly decoupled sound attentuating connector with no fasteners passing through the vibration bearing

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Sonus M – 115 x 75 x 140mm
  • Sonus L – 235 x 75 x 140mm


Sherpa EFCON Facade Connector

For the connection of timber elements to load bearing subbases such as exterior wall of new or exisitng buildings. 

Enables mounting and fixing of prefabricated facade elements in timber construction for building high-grade and energy efficient buildings. 

The Sherpa EFCON facade connector consists of two component. The smaller part connects to the facade element in a friction type and precise manner. Horizontal and vertical wind forces, dead load, earthquake loads can be diverted to the substrate. 


Sherpa Regufoam Soundproof Bearings

Regufoam soundproof bearings are waterproof, rot-proof and made from mixed cellular polyeurethane foam.

  • Availabe in 12 different strength levels distinguished by colour. 
  • Standard thickness of 12.5 and 25mm
  • Wide range of frequency attenuation up to 8 Hertz. 
  • Area of static application from 0.011 to 2.50 M/mm², dynamic application area up to 3.5N/mm²
  • Proven long-term behavoir and excellent durability.


Sherpa Assembly Series Connectors

Practical connectors for the production of non load rated applications such as sunrooms, carports, stairs and furniture.

Perfect for professional and DIY projects. 


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