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Product Information 

Windows - Tilt & Turn

Siegenia hardware and operation of windows

Doors - Entrance & French Doors

Siegenia Comfort range - Entrance door automation

Doors - Entrance & French

KFV Automatic locking - Entrance door automation

Doors - HS Lift & Slide

Siegenia Portal HS Soft Close - Sliding door operation

Doors - ES Eco Slide

Siegenia Eco Slide - Sliding door hardware, operation and sealing

Doors - PSK Tilt & Slide

Siegenia Portal PSK Comfort - Hardware components and operation

Consumables - Connectors

Sherpa Connectors - Examples of use

Energy Efficiency

High Level Energy Efficiency

AWA - Australian Windows Association

The 2015 Paris Agreement; general energy policy; aims for future energy targets (including the soon to be developed trajectory); and compliance to both the National Construction Code and State and Territory specific regulation.

The Science of Energy and Energy Efficiency

AWA - Australian Windows Association

Addresses the science of energy and energy efficiency and will include information on the factors that affect energy requirements including in depth information the science behind U-Values (comparison to R- values); Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient; low-E coatings; double glazing and triple glazing; effect of location and orientation on energy; shading etc.
Understanding the technology and testing comparisons will lead into the difference of upgrading windows, glass and selecting windows for a new build at the design stage. It will also educate on the limitations and effects on cost and will identify when and where fixtures and fittings such as awnings, screens and blinds integrate as systems for maximum benefit.

Selecting the Right Glazing for Comfort

AWA - Australian Windows Association

Factors that need to be considered for the appropriate selection and use of windows and glass in new builds, retrofits and renovations. Meeting the mandated energy requirements but, most importantly, looking at taking maximum advantage of the technology currently available to maximise comfort levels.