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Siegware SpecialsSiegware Specials

Siegware Specials - On sale till 31 May 2020 



Overstocked with greenteQ Euro Cylinder


greenteQ lock cylinders from SiegwaregreenteQ lock cylinders from Siegware


30/30: $14 ex GST *new size
35/35: $14 ex GST *new size
40/40: $15 ex GST
45/45: $16 ex GST
45/50: $17 ex GST
50/50: $17 ex GST


Price per piece when purchasing in boxes of 10.


Ashland Clearance


On sale for a limited time only or until sold out, 

 just contact our office to place your order.

Siegware - Ashland imagesSiegware - Ashland images


Siegware - Ashland clearanceSiegware - Ashland clearance