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New products are always arriving at Siegware and you can find our specials on the Siegware home page. See what is happening in the window market with news from around the country and the world. Drop us a line if you would like us to cover a particular topic.

High performing ECO PASS threshold

Posted 1/21/2020

ECO PASS threshold - available from SiegwareECO PASS threshold - available from SiegwareSIEGENIA-AUBI has optimised the performance of the HS-PORTAL 300/HS-PORTAL 200 with the new ECO PASS threshold, which combines energy efficiency, convenience and design with time-saving and cost-effective assembly, all in perfect harmony. This blend of diverse product characteristics provides fabricators and end users with numerous advantages and is currently unique in the industry. The innovative threshold is suitable for both uPVC and timber elements. 

Completely new design

What makes the high-performance ECO PASS stand out is its completely new concept: the sophisticated 10-chamber profile is designed to provide outstanding thermal insulation, which means that it also complies with the principles of green building; furthermore, its excellent heat transfer coefficient means it is certain to fulfil even the firmest requirements. The threshold’s thermal separation also prevents build-up of condensation and improves the living environment. The ECO PASS is also available as a barrier-free model for maximum living comfort, making it even more attractive for fabricators and home owners.

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Flat Panel & Design Series Door Panels

Posted 1/15/2020

Flat Panel and Design Series door panels from SiegwareFlat Panel and Design Series door panels from SiegwareLow maintenance and easy to install, Siegware stock a range of basic and designer door panels with uPVC and Renolit laminated surfaces. 

Choose from the variety of colour and timber look options, and styles that feature double glazed panels with frosted glass, stainless steel surrounds and raised details.

All uPVC panels have the correct formulation for the Australian environment, and include a 10 year warranty. All laminated products use Renolit FX foils and offer a 20 year warranty. 

For further information click here to view the Siegware range of Flat Panel and Design Series door panels.

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TGMD Casement/Awning system

Posted 12/9/2019

TGMD Casement/Awning System available from SiegwareTGMD Casement/Awning System available from SiegwareIntroducing the new Siegenia TGMD outward opening system for awning & casement windows.

Suitable for sash rebate sizes from 260mm to 2400mm, with 22mm back set gearbox, and multi-point locking with Siegenia comfort mushrooms.

Allows connection to Siegenia Titan AF corner drives and linkages, and also allows connection to a wide range of standard stock items. Night venting is possible when not extending around the sash. 

For more information click here.

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2019 Business Excellence Awards

Posted 12/3/2019

2019 Business Excellence Awards2019 Business Excellence AwardsSiegware were proudly a part of the 2019 Business Excellence Awards as presented by the Ballan & District Chamber of Commerce, held at the nearby St Anne’s Winery. A finalist in the Retail category, the staff of Siegware were excited to rub shoulders with other local businesses and share growth, journey and development stories.

In recent years, Siegware has steadily grown - increasing the product range, creating a comprehensive customer catalogue for easy reference, and expanding into New Zealand. We look forward to continuing to supply our customers with quality products from an ever expanding range, technical advice and efficient service.

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Portal Eco Slide / Smart Slide

Posted 11/8/2019

Portal Eco Slide - available from SiegwarePortal Eco Slide - available from SiegwareFor uPVC sliding doors or windows with sash weights of up to 250kg. 

In sliding doors, ECO SLIDE offers solutions for uPVC in dimensions ranging up to 4.40m wide by 2.20m high and up to 5m wide by 2.50m high for timber. 

The operation is intuitive and effortless, the seal is continuous and efficient. The explicitly cost-effective and, if required, barrier-free hardware solution brings the ease of use of lift-slide systems and the compression of parallel slide & tilt down to one single common denominator, even for sliding windows. This is provided by the assembly-friendly, perfect combination of a unique seal, special bogie wheels and innovative guiding and locking elements at all four sash corners.

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Life is a Pitch - Andrew Klein

Posted 10/15/2019

Cut through the noiseCut through the noiseFollowing is a presentation from the recent AusFenEx19 by speaker Andrew Klein, discussing how to connect with your target audience at a time when there is a barrage of ‘noise’ coming from everywhere.

How do you make your products and services stand out?

Be realistic about how much information can be delivered in a short amount of time. Many pitches and presentations contain so much information that your target audience is left wondering "what is the key message?" Or they leave being so overwhelmed with facts and figures, that they can't clearly recall your central message. Develop an obsession with explaining as simply as possible what you do and what your offering is all about.

Decide on your ONE OVER-ARCHING MESSAGE and then 3 or so key messages. Make sure they are front and centre in your pitch, and ensure all other facts, figures and examples are connected to those key messages and repeat them several times throughout.

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Meesenburg & blaugelb now available from Siegware

Posted 10/10/2019

Siegware distributors for Meesenburg & blaugelbSiegware distributors for Meesenburg & blaugelbWith a long history in Europe, Meesenburg and blaugelb are renowned suppliers of window and door products, and also many other quality product lines including machinery, tooling, security and sealants to name a few. Siegware is now the exclusive distributor of these quality products in Australia and New Zealand. 

Siegware carry numerous stock items for timely delivery to you. Items that we do not currently have in stock we are happy to order in for you. Contact our office today to place an order, and our team look forward to supplying you with even more quality products.

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Resistance class testing for windows & doors

Posted 10/1/2019

Resistance class testing for windows & doorsResistance class testing for windows & doorsThe nightmare for any burglar:  Windows and doors with all-round security. 

The trend is alarming: The burglary statistics are rising. It happens practically every minute and the damage can be considerable - not only to your belongings, but, above all, to the psyche. Because many burglary victims no longer feel safe in their own home. This should be reason enough to use modern burglar resistance measures for optimum protection. 

In approximately 80% of burglaries, the perpetrator gains access by prying open a door or window. Without robust security hardware, this only takes a few seconds! Only doors and windows with a high resistance class will resist burglars because they make it practically impossible, or at least extremely time-consuming, to pry them open.

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Industry updates at AusFenEx19

Posted 9/12/2019

Siegware at AusFenEx19Siegware at AusFenEx19Recently the first national conference for members of the newly merged Australian Glass and Windows Association (AGWA) took place at Darling Harbour. Many informative seminars on a variety of topics kept delegates busy, while there were many exhibitors showing their wares, including Siegware.

Suppliers such as Kommerling and Aluplast had an exhibition booth and aptly represented the uPVC industry. The German window software company Klaes also had a display and showed prospective customers how easy this program is to use and how it can help fabricators. It was great to see a good number of attendees from the uPVC industry. Suppliers and fabricators from Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania attended the exhibition and came to visit Chris and Tarrant on the Siegware stand.

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Window Actuators

Posted 9/6/2019

Window actuatorWindow actuatorThese electric chain actuators are used for opening and closing outward windows, sheds, skylights and inward windows in wood, uPVC and aluminium. Comunello electric actuators come with an articulated link chain contained in the box, and operation is at 230V 50Hz, or 24VDC. With an electronic stop for opening, and current limitation stop for closing, there are up to 9 different adjustable strokes, also when motor is powered off. Actuators can be connected in parallel.  

SIMPLE - Quick-fastening system for installation without the use of screws 

STRONG - Robust double link chain for more thrust and traction force 

RELIABLE - The actuator oscillates on support brackets and accompanies the movement of the window 

ADJUSTABLE - Easily adjustable stroke via dip-switch (up to 9 positions available), also when motor is powered off 

SAFE - Obstacle detection and soft start and stop system for greater safety and precision. 

LIMIT STOPS - Limit switch with current limitation function:  guarantee of safe and perfect closing over time 

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