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New products are always arriving at Siegware and you can find our specials on the Siegware home page. See what is happening in the window market with news from around the country and the world. Drop us a line if you would like us to cover a particular topic.

Recycling for the Environment

Posted 8/19/2019

Recycling packagingRecycling packagingSiegware carries an extensive range of hardware and consumables, and receives many items in secure packaging from suppliers. Some businesses would simply dispose of the packaging, which would ultimately go to landfill. However Siegware recognises the need to reduce waste wherever possible.

Siegware operates in a purpose built factory with several sustainable features including heat, light, and water management, and we take sustainability seriously.

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Siegware Information and Q&A Session 2019

Posted 8/14/2019

Siwgare Q&A session 2019Siwgare Q&A session 2019After the success of our previous function, Siegware is again holding an information session to unveil the latest innovative products in our expanding range, and a technical Q&A which will give Chris and the audience the opportunity to discuss hardware problem solving and benefits to your business. There are always exciting industry developments unfolding, and this is a great way to talk about the features and demonstrate uses of new release items. 

The session will be held on Wed 18 Sept 2019 in Essendon from 11am-3pm. Contact the Siegware office on 03 5368 1181 to register interest, places are limited. 

Chris and Tarrant hope you can join them for an informative presentation and light lunch.

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New Zealand Website Launch

Posted 8/14/2019

Siegware New Zealand website launchSiegware New Zealand website launchFrom the Siegware team, we are excited to announce the launch of the Siegware New Zealand website. 

Since humble beginnings in 2009, Siegware has steadily grown in both size and product range. Now with a comprehensive printed catalogue, which is also available for download with the new supplement catalogue, and an Australian and New Zealand website, turn to Siegware for quality products, industry knowledge and reliable service. 

See the new website at, contact our office via email at or call +61 5368 1181.

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Siegware at AusFenEx19

Posted 8/2/2019

Siegware at AusFenEx19Siegware at AusFenEx19Siegware will take part in the Australian Glass & Window Association (AGWA) expo at the ICC Darling Harbour 28-29 August 2019. The latest in window and glazing technologies, AusFenEx19 brings together Australia’s leading suppliers, showcasing emerging global trends and product innovations. 

Over 100 exhibitors from boutique window companies to global corporations provide a forum for attendees to learn more about this industry. This is the largest-ever window glass exhibition event and is part of the 3-day Australian Glass & Window conference.  

AusFenEx19 expo is open on Wednesday 28 August from 8:30am - 5pm and Thursday 29 August from 8:30am - 3pm. Visit Siegware at stand 64 to see our latest products and hear about industry developments. Chris & Tarrant will be available to answer any questions and they look forward to seeing you there. 

For architectural and design professionals ticket bookings - 

For building and construction professionals ticket bookings - 

Tickets are only $15 if booked online or $25 at the door.

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Siegenia on YouTube

Posted 7/26/2019

Siegenia on YouTubeSiegenia on YouTubeDoesn’t it make it easier to choose hardware when you can see it in operation rather than just lying in a box waiting for installation? Now you can – with Siegenia. 

As the maker of highly innovative products, Siegenia has produced a number of short videos which demonstrate the use and installation of their quality products. View videos showing sliding door hardware, automation, and locking systems, just to name a few. All in one easy to find location: 

So, what are you waiting for?

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Energy Saving Stay

Posted 7/10/2019

Siegware energy saving staySiegware energy saving stayThe energy saving stay lets you easily adjust the amount of incoming air in accordance with the outside climate when venting windows. Thus, unpleasant draughts and energy costs can be reduced with a simple adjustment.

  • Summer vent feature - normal tilt position
  • Winter vent feature - approx. 40 mm tilt opening position
  • Activation in one easy step without any tools
  • Integrated anti-slam device
  • Assembled quickly and easy to retrofit
  • Reduced tilt function enables window operation without interference from curtains or blinds

For more information click here for the website link or contact our office.

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Joint Sealing Tapes

Posted 7/2/2019

Siegware joint sealing tapeSiegware joint sealing tapeUsed for sealing strip joints and window installations greenteQ has the weather resistant joint sealing tape. The tapes are compressed and self-adhesive on one side, whereby the assembling of the tapes is simplified. Through the self-adhesion it is also possible to assemble the tapes into existing joints. The tape is suitable for joint widths between 4-7, 6-10mm, and 8-13.


For further information click here for the website link or contact our office. 

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Adjustable brake stay (sash brake)

Posted 5/28/2019

Siegware Adjustable Brake StaySiegware Adjustable Brake StayThe adjustable brake stay limits the rotary opening function of the window and acts as a firm brake against independent or inadvertent opening or closing. The sash brake allows you to lock the window is any opening position protecting both the window and the hardware. Without operating the brake the window is still openable to 100 degrees.

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Window Tooling

Posted 5/22/2019

Siegware window toolingSiegware window toolingCustom orders with Siegware are now available for freud window tooling systems. Made in Italy, save time and money with these quality products.


Increased productivity:  H.S.I. - ISOprofil technology at high speed

• freud exclusive locking system allows the use of ISOprofil re-sharpenable knives at high rotating speed and at extreme feed-rates

• H.S.I. improves the machine performance, enabling a higher production in less time

The easy access to the knives and their fast re-positioning reduces both the set-up and the maintenance time.

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Concealed Hinge for Tilt & Turn

Posted 5/7/2019

Siegware concealed hinge for tilt & turnSiegware concealed hinge for tilt & turnWith its clear, high-quality appearance, this new concealed TITAN axxent 24+ side hinge is further evidence that invisibility is now the symbol of quality and style. And not only because fully concealed hardware and large window surfaces with narrower frame widths as the central design element are now completely in vogue. But also because with axxent, this functions more easily, durably and safely than ever before – with high-strength materials in a perfect material combination and state-of-the-art assembly technology.

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