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New products are always arriving at Siegware Aust and you can find our specials on the Siegware home page. See what is happening in the window market with news from around the country and the world. Drop us a line if you would like us to cover a particular topic.

PORTAL HS – Hook & Gear Comfort Upgrade

Posted 4/11/2019

PORTAL can do it - discover the possibilitiesSiegware - Portal HSSiegware - Portal HS

With PORTAL HS, you have a choice of gear, presenting your customers with more possibilities. In this way, manual ease of use can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements and the highest standards can be met. The selection begins with the type of lock - either classical with two or more sturdy locking bolts, or innovative and flush with up to four hook bolts.

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News from the UK

Posted 4/2/2019

Siegware - Flush ForecastSiegware - Flush ForecastIndependent research of the PVC-U flush sash market reports nearly half of the fabricators interviewed see flush sashes becoming as important as standard casement windows in the next 10 years. And a quarter of those who don’t make flush sashes now said they expected to start in the next 12 months. The research was undertaken for Timberweld by MRA Research.

Timberweld is a patented method of welding perfect corners to create an authentic timber-look butt-joint effect. Uniquely, Timberweld allows fabricators to create the timber-look on both sides of the window.

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greenteQ Glazing Blocks

Posted 3/27/2019

Siegware glazing blocksSiegware glazing blocksgreenteQ bridged glazing blocks provide a buffer between the glass and frame so that the glazing edges have no contact with the frame connection. They help reduce the weight of the glazing unit on the frame construction and keep frame and sash in the right position without warping or tilting.

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Portal PSK 100 Comfort

Posted 3/1/2019

The PORTAL PSK 100 has been designed for easy operation and assembly, for timber and uPVC elements with sash weights up to 100kg.


Siegware - Portal PSK 100 TriggerSiegware - Portal PSK 100 Trigger

Trigger - swings open and closed smoothly

There is a special trigger in the running rail and a stop buffer integrated in the guiding rail on the locking side, together ensuring smooth and gentle opening and closing.

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Symbio Hinges - Hidden hinge which is adjustable along 3 axes

Posted 2/20/2019

Siegware - Symbio hingeSiegware - Symbio hingeSymbio door hinges are concealed and remain flush with the wall mount, and are easy to adjust on their 3 axes, allowing for aesthetically perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. Doors can be adjusted vertically, transversely and in depth on both the door and frame side of the hinge. Symbio allows for adjustments of up to 4mm horizontal, up to 3mm height and up to 3mm depth. To adjust these axes simply turn the allen key in the appropriate tappet or bushings.

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Door Panels

Posted 2/14/2019

Door panelsDoor panelsSiegware has in stock a range of basic and designer panels with uPVC and Renolit laminated surfaces. 

A wide range of door panel designs, including raised features and aluminium panels, are available in a custom order.

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Eurotec Hinges - 6600, 6601 & 6602

Posted 1/30/2019

Eurotec has a range of hinges to suit the Euro groove profile and can be fitted to windows and doors made of timber, uPVC, aluminium and aluminium-timber composite. Eurotec hinges are easy and intuitive to adjust on the three axes by simply using Allen keys. Doors can be adjusted vertically, transversely, and also in depth turning bushings and cams, allowing very fine adjustment (up to 4 mm) for a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.


Eurotec 6600 - Reversible hinge for high capacitySiegware - Eurotec hinge 6600Siegware - Eurotec hinge 6600

• Built for: timber, uPVC, metal

• Diameter: 16 mm

The Eurotec 6600 hinge is reversible and can be fitted on left and right doors with a considerable reduction of the warehouse and the related costs of supply. Designed and built with innovative methods by 'La Florida', Eurotec is the solution for frames with single and / or multiple windowpanes, and it got through the 200,000 cycles test on a 150 kg door.

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New handle range - coming soon

Posted 11/28/2018

Siegware handlesSiegware handlesAn exciting new standard range of handles is due to arrive early in the New Year.

The handle systems in the range include tilt turn, tilt turn lockable, tilt before turn, balcony sets, entrance sets, concealed sliding, and lift slide. With anodised and coated finishes, the handles are available in white, black and silver as standard, and gold and titan as custom orders.

Matching handles for all of these uses can be difficult to find, however Siegware now has the perfect solution for you.

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Alumat magnetic profile - coming soon to Siegware

Posted 11/22/2018

Alumat magnetic profileAlumat magnetic profileThe Alumat magnetic profile is available to use with timber, uPVC and aluminium interior and exterior doors, providing barrier free magnetic double seal access to universal design. Suitable for entrance, patio and balcony doors, and tilt & turn doors, and one or two sashes.

  • Levelling from 0 to 30mm
  • 20 year warranty on magnet tension force
  • Noise reduction up to 46dB
  • RC2 tested with SIEGENIA Titan AF
  • Suitable for inward and outward opening doors
  • Easy cleaning of the aluminium threshold by simply pulling out the magnetic profiles
  • A perfect solution for nursing homes, senior residences, hospitals, homes for people with disabilities, day care facilities, kindergartens, single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels
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AWA Fenestration Conference – Window Trends

Posted 10/29/2018

Siegware at Fenestration 2018Siegware at Fenestration 2018The Siegware stand at the Australian Window Association (AWA) conference was a success, with a large number of visitors over the 3 days asking questions and getting information on the latest hardware innovations - the perfect opportunity to showcase our products, and meet and greet. In fact, the conference had its best turnout ever, in its 30 year history!

The recent conference has again featured excellent guest speakers on a variety of topics, including future trends for windows and doors, which includes better insulation and automation. 

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