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New products are always arriving at Siegware and you can find our specials on the Siegware home page. See what is happening in the window market with news from around the country and the world. Drop us a line if you would like us to cover a particular topic.

New Siegware catalogues released - download today

Posted 7/16/2020

Siegware catalogues for downloadSiegware catalogues for downloadWith the range of products expanding and increasing in variety, now is the perfect time to discover the new suite of catalogues available for download from Siegware.

What began as a single fabricators catalogue in 2015, the Siegware catalogue suite has expanded to include Handles, and Aluminium, Timber and uPVC fabricators catalogues for the window industry, and Construction and Consumables catalogues for the broader community.

Now with over 3000 items in the Siegware range, all specially selected items sourced from well-known European companies, the catalogues are an easy way to access the wide variety of energy efficient products from our valued partners and even more are available outside of our featured catalogue items.

Easy to navigate with images, clear descriptions and product codes, the catalogues are designed for easy ordering, and tailored for you and the specific needs of your business. As always, you can also rely on Siegware to offer assistance and technical knowledge on European window and door systems.

Download your copy today. 

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Sliding D Handle - order now

Posted 5/27/2020

Siegware Sliding D HandleSiegware Sliding D HandleIt’s almost here!

We are pleased to announce that the new D handle is due to arrive this June.

Sold in individual parts for greater flexibility, the Siegware D handle features two grip sizes and options for faceplates with or without thumb turn.

Available in powder coated white & black or anodised silver, the Siegware handle can be adapted to any gear with 7mm spindle and 43mm screw centres whilst the extra-long thumb turn allows for easy operation.

To pre-order or request a sample please contact the Siegware office.

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Business as usual at Siegware

Posted 3/23/2020

Siegware open for business as usualSiegware open for business as usualIn these uncertain times we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

Recently we have received many enquiries regarding our operations and the supply of goods from Europe. At this stage we are conducting business as usual, with no significant delays.

We have been informed by Siegenia that there has been little impact on the supply of goods from their factory. Product and raw materials used in their daily manufacturing are not influenced by neighbouring countries, therefore goods will be produced as normal.

Currently we have 2 sea shipments and 1 air shipment already on the way which will ensure we are stocked well into May/June. For the moment, orders with our suppliers are moving ahead as usual.

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Multi-point locking - air tightness & security

Posted 3/2/2020

Multi-point locking available from SiegwareMulti-point locking available from SiegwareModern multi-point locks and access control systems do not only make doors more secure, more convenient and more intelligent, they also open up entirely new possibilities to develop new markets. For this, SIEGENIA KFV offers you, in addition to uncompromising resistance force, the necessary freedom of design - in the fabrication-optimised modular system and from the high-quality mortise lock to the double-sash escape door solution. Therefore the room comfort of the future can begin at the door - and the door can be opened per app or fingerprint scanner, for example, and locks automatically when it is simply pulled closed.

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Siegenia Aluminium Hardware

Posted 2/20/2020

Siegenia aluminium hardware from SiegwareSiegenia aluminium hardware from SiegwareSecure and efficient all round with the ALU modular system. 

The ALU axxent PLUS system is the solution for contemporary room concepts and gives your production wings. Because it is the key to a contemporary window design, in which the hardware is fully concealed, and to considerably higher efficiency. As usual, this is based on the clever ALU modular system with the components to be ordered and the high degree of preassembly. With ALU axxent PLUS, the profile face width becomes narrower, the glazed surface larger and even the operation of large elements is durably safe and smooth-running. The high load capacity of up to 150 kg sash weight provides the necessary safety margins.

With a simple security upgrade, all ALU hardware systems easily fulfil the prerequisites for burglar resistance up to resistance class RC3. Hence you will be ideally placed for the protection of buildings with special security requirements and benefit from the greatly reduced number of components to be ordered thanks to the clever ALU modular system. Consistent intruder resistance is so quick and efficient. 

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KFV Keyless Automation

Posted 2/11/2020

KFV keyless multi-point locking from SiegwareKFV keyless multi-point locking from SiegwareMulti-point lock for electromechanical locking and unlocking.

The fully motorised solution for greater comfort and security with optimum sealing.

GENIUS combines the security of a mechanical multi-point lock with the convenience of modern electronics. To achieve this, the system is equipped with integrated control electronics and a powerful gear motor. This locks and unlocks the entrance door particularly quickly and quietly and provides perfect sealing. GENIUS can be combined with access control systems and many other applications and opens up a wide range of possible individual solutions for contemporary private residential buildings or sophisticated commercial or industrial buildings.

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Ramsauer 120 Silicones

Posted 1/28/2020

Ramsauer 120 Silicones from SiegwareRamsauer 120 Silicones from Siegware120 NEUTRAL is particularly suitable for sealing insulating glass in wooden frames with water dilutable paint systems, as well as for sealing connection joints. Adheres well without primer, compatible with painted surfaces & abrasion-free. 

120 NEUTRAL cures when exposed to air humidity releasing a chemically neutral cleavage product which does not cause corrosion of metals. 120 NEUTRAL adheres perfectly without priming to a wide variety of plastics, silicatic substrates, and metals (e.g. glass, PVC, aluminium, anodised aluminium, brass etc.) as well as water dilutable paint systems. The product contains fungicidal agents and it is UV-resistant.

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High performing ECO PASS threshold

Posted 1/21/2020

ECO PASS threshold - available from SiegwareECO PASS threshold - available from SiegwareSIEGENIA-AUBI has optimised the performance of the HS-PORTAL 300/HS-PORTAL 200 with the new ECO PASS threshold, which combines energy efficiency, convenience and design with time-saving and cost-effective assembly, all in perfect harmony. This blend of diverse product characteristics provides fabricators and end users with numerous advantages and is currently unique in the industry. The innovative threshold is suitable for both uPVC and timber elements. 

Completely new design

What makes the high-performance ECO PASS stand out is its completely new concept: the sophisticated 10-chamber profile is designed to provide outstanding thermal insulation, which means that it also complies with the principles of green building; furthermore, its excellent heat transfer coefficient means it is certain to fulfil even the firmest requirements. The threshold’s thermal separation also prevents build-up of condensation and improves the living environment. The ECO PASS is also available as a barrier-free model for maximum living comfort, making it even more attractive for fabricators and home owners.

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Flat Panel & Design Series Door Panels

Posted 1/15/2020

Flat Panel and Design Series door panels from SiegwareFlat Panel and Design Series door panels from SiegwareLow maintenance and easy to install, Siegware stock a range of basic and designer door panels with uPVC and Renolit laminated surfaces. 

Choose from the variety of colour and timber look options, and styles that feature double glazed panels with frosted glass, stainless steel surrounds and raised details.

All uPVC panels have the correct formulation for the Australian environment, and include a 10 year warranty. All laminated products use Renolit FX foils and offer a 20 year warranty. 

For further information click here to view the Siegware range of Flat Panel and Design Series door panels.

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TGMD Casement/Awning system

Posted 12/9/2019

TGMD Casement/Awning System available from SiegwareTGMD Casement/Awning System available from SiegwareIntroducing the new Siegenia TGMD outward opening system for awning & casement windows.

Suitable for sash rebate sizes from 260mm to 2400mm, with 22mm back set gearbox, and multi-point locking with Siegenia comfort mushrooms.

Allows connection to Siegenia Titan AF corner drives and linkages, and also allows connection to a wide range of standard stock items. Night venting is possible when not extending around the sash. 

For more information click here.

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