Siegware is now offering a wax based solution for all your coastal hardware applications – a specialised corrosion inhibitor with dewatering properties suitable for short to medium term corrosion protection.

The solution contains a combination of film forming and dewatering agents, which ensure rapid water displacement to produce a thin dry wax coating. The light film formed maximises protection from corrosive atmospheres and provides long term water resistance.

It does not attract dust, and is suitable for components, which have been machined with water miscible fluids and require long term storage prior to further use. Exposed surfaces of plant and equipment, which have been decommissioned for extended periods can be protected by application. Maximum internal and cavity protection will be assured by the penetrating nature of the product, and it is also suitable for protection during transportation.


For dry components, apply the solution by hand with a brush roller or rag. Maximum efficiency will however be achieved by a suitable high or low-pressure spray system. Maximum dewatering effect will be achieved by dipping. A mild steel tank with an inclined bottom and draining capabilities will produce the most efficient results.

1 litre, 5 litre & 20 litre jerry cans available